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2020 Summer Trips

HolidayMood Trips #1 has been postponed

Dear ones,

It's with a heavy heart that we make this announcement.

When we started to craft the concept of this whole journey, we were well aware that it would be a daunting task given the current situation. We planned everything according to current laws and, as a result we got a very positive response from local authorities about this event. We knew we had to adapt to a different reality.

Yesterday, we met with a group of representatives from local authorities in Buzau. In the last few days, numerous positive cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed within the area in which our event was about to happen. This number is increasing fast and so the risk of infection has grown exponentially, making it very dangerous for us to organize an event at the designated location. Even though until recently we’ve been assured by local authorities that we have their full support in organizing the event, they are now strongly advising that we postpone the event due to the very recent change in the number of cases within the area. Our decision wasn't easy, but we cannot, under any circumstance, put you in danger. In taking this difficult decision we've also had to keep in mind that some staff members were employed from the local community, a fact that increased the risk of getting people sick during the event.
We can’t even begin to explain how hard it is for us to postpone this event on such short notice, with just one week before it was supposed to happen. Preparations at the venue have already started and almost everything, including location, artists, facilities, logistic efforts and providers, were well underway and settled.

We will provide further information about purchased tickets in the following days.

With all of this being said, we will move our first trip together to new dates. They will be announced only when we can be completely sure that it is safe to do so.

We know this news breaks your heart. We’re just as heartbroken as you for having to postpone. We know you understand the situation and hope you will remain by our side in these trying times.

With love,
Team HolidayMood


Arapu • CapCezar • Herodot
Praslesh • Prichindel • Priku • Sublee

HolidayMood Festival 2019

Last year, conditions were different and we were allowed to organize a fully fledged mini-festival in a similar setting.


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Because we might run out. This event is limited to 500 attendees due to current COVID-19 related restrictions imposed by local authorities.