COVID-19 Safety Measures

Below is a list of safety measures we are taking to protect all attendees and staff during this event. Please read each of them and be sure to respect our efforts during the event so that we can all have a fun time together. (cick aici pentru versiunea in limba romana)

  1.  Access areas and Event areas will be delimited to ensure that people keep a safe distance from each other and that groups of people do not exceed the limit required by law;
  2. Special bio-hazard type bins equipped with lids will be placed on the event grounds. These bins are destined exclusively for the disposal of face masks and other protection equipment;
  3. Mixed drinks will be served in cups with lids, as it is required by law. We kindly ask you to bring your own recipients with lids from home to protect both yourself and also the environment;
  4. Single-use face masks and surgical hand-gloves will be provided on the event grounds. While there should be enough sets of masks and gloves to last throughout the event, nevertheless we want to ask you to bring your own re-usable masks and gloves for your own protection and that of the environment;
  5. All shared spaces and areas (bathrooms, food area, etc.) will be sanitized using biocides once every 4 hours by specialized staff;
  6. Safety measures will be advertised and promoted through the use of informative panels placed in key locations within the event grounds;
  7. Shared spaces will be quipped with hand sanitizer dispensers to provide attendees with easy access to authorized, alcohol-based sanitizer substances;
  8. Lavatories with sinks and running water will be made available in key areas for washing your hands;
  9. Event staff will have their temperatures measured on a regular basis while attendees will have their temperature taken upon each entry within the event grounds;
  10. Specialized staff will regularly perform observational triage for people that exhibit COVID-19 specific symptoms;
  11. All staff and volunteers will receive specialized training with regard to the specific safety measures in place for the event;
  12. We will encourage all attendees to use contactless payment methods such as cards and phones;
  13. We will refrain from using printed flyers or brochures since they can become a potential source of infection by being shared and passed from person to person;
  14. Supply of all required disinfectant substances, cleaning solutions, and protective materials will be ensured throughout the event;
  15. Specially trained cleaning personnel will be on duty throughout the duration of the event.