Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations that apply to HolidayMood Trips 2021

To read a complete list of safety measures we are taking in the COVID-19 pandemic context, please click here.


The Set of Rules (SR) presented within this document are applied to Holiday Mood Events) organized by HOLIDAY MOOD INC S.R.L. (the Organizer) in the designated area (Azuga, Prahova County) between 25.06.2021 – 27.06.2021. This SR includes all the rules that each participant must respect in relation to the Organizer and the other participants of these Events. The SR can be accessed at and can be subject to later changes at any moment, notified on the website. Any modifications to this SR go in effect as soon as they are made public on this page. By purchasing a ticket and entering the event grounds, participants declare that they have read, understood, and committed to respect this SR and to agree with other rules that will be displayed at the Event’s access areas or on the Event’s Facebook page/website.

Holiday Mood Summer Edition – gates open at 14:00 on June 25th. Participants can purchase General Admission Tickets (admission throughout the entire duration of the events) in advance online through the page until June 24th, 2020 or until sold out. Should the maximum number of sold tickets not be exhausted by online purchases, tickets may be purchased at the location gate starting from June 25th, 2020. Admission will be made in accordance with the COVID-19 Safety Measures.

The Organizer reserves the right to modify ticket prices without any prior notice.

Participants must present the purchased eTicket on their phone or on a printed paper with the scannable QR code on it. Depending on ticket demand, there may or may not still be tickets available at the door during the events. We recommend that tickets are purchased in advance.

Attendees can enter and leave the events area as many times as they need to, provided they have a valid wristband which is applied at first entrance, once the ticket is redeemed.

The access at the events is permitted only through the specially arranged places and at the established and communicated hours set by the organizers of the events through the event’s Facebook page.

Minors are not allowed at these events.

The artists’ timetables are subject to change and the participants cannot claim reimbursements or other forms of compensation based on this type of change.

Since all tickets are nominal and we need to verify the ticket holder name on the tickets, attendees are required to carry with them valid means of identification (ID card, driver’s license or passport) and to present them at the request of the organizing team and/or the security team, competent bodies or authorities.

Participants are required to pass through a security check upon every entrance within the event grounds. HolidayMood takes this measure to ensure safety and integrity for all participants. Access will be denied for any participant that refuses to go through security check.

Any behavior that endangers the life, health, physical or mental integrity of other people, the rights of other people, as any form of aggression towards others is strictly forbidden.

Any form of artistic manifestation or economical, commercial or advertising activity is forbidden if the person doesn’t have the written permission from the Organizer in advance.

Also, for ensuring the safe unfolding of the events, the organizers reserve the right to select the clientele, as to refuse the access of the people who break the present Set of Rules, as well as the legislative stipulations in force in Romania at the time of the events. Furthermore, the organizers reserve the right to restrict the access of the participants with certain types of objects and/or devices that can be brought to the events area, as listed below:

Things that participants are NOT allowed to bring with them

  • illicit drugs (Trafficking or selling drugs or other psychotropic substances, regardless of their provenance, represent crimes that are incriminated by the Romanian legislation through art.2 and art.4 from the 143/2000 Law regarding the prevention and combating the traffic and illicit consumption of drugs);
  • alcohol or other beverages
  • food
  • weapons (weapons and objects assimilated to weapons that can produce injuries to the physical integrity including but not only referring to: knives, penknives, explosives, fireworks, paralyzing spray, lasers, blunt objects, pyrotechnic items, flammable materials or explosives etc.)
  • drones
  • graffiti cans
  • advertising materials, flyers, etc.

1.1. Tickets for Holiday Mood Events can be purchased exclusively online from the website using the Stripe online payment system and at the door during the events should the events not be sold out by start time.

1.2. Online tickets can be purchased only by credit/debit card and the ticket will be issued via email only once the payment is confirmed by Stripe. After confirmation, participants receive their tickets in electronic format to the email address previously provided.

1.3. All tickets and invites are nominal. A buyer can buy multiple tickets only by indicating the names and emails of the beneficiaries of each ticket.


2.2. Posting announcements about selling or donating purchased tickets on social media or on other websites or public spaces is strictly prohibited.

2.3. Counterfeit tickets, invites, or wristbands are illegal and punishable by law. If the Organizer will identify any such tickets/invites/wristbands, it will inform the authorities.

2.4. Purchased tickets are destined exclusively for personal use. The only allowed exception to this rule is ticket giveaways for promotional campaigns and contests, but only with the prior written consent of the Organizer. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to the cancellation of the tickets used for commercial purposes and the persons responsible will have to account for the created damage.

2.5 Purchased tickets cannot be refunded.


3.1. Access within the events grounds starts at 14:00 on the 25th of June, 2021.

3.2. All participants will be thoroughly searched upon entry by specialized staff, for the purpose of ensuring their compliance with the Holiday Mood Set of Rules, the safety of other participants and proper conduct during the events. The Organizer has the right to deny access to any participants that refuse to comply with the search.

3.3. Access within the events grounds is possible only for participants wearing a valid wristband, which is offered by the Organizer at the entrance, after presenting their general admission ticket. A valid wristband that ensures the right to enter the events area is one that is intact and worn on hand. Through its collaborators, the Organizer reserves the right to verify wristbands whenever it considers necessary, upon events entry or inside the location and, if the participant is not wearing the wristband inside the location, the Organizer, through its collaborators, reserves the right to immediately escort the person without wristband outside the event’s premises. The participant has the obligation to maintain the integrity of the wristband and is the only one responsible for losing or damaging the wristband.

3.4. Participants are required to notify the Organizer of any wristband defect immediately after receipt, and they have the right to request the repair or replacement of the wristband.

3.5. For the purpose of verifying the ticket/invitation validity, all participants must be able to present a valid ID.

3.6. During the checks performed at the entrance by the security team, all objects that are identified as non-compliant with the events’ set of rules will be seized and will not be returned. The Organizer is not responsible for these objects. Participants have the right to go back and leave their non-compliant objects outside the events area (eg: car, home, hotel, etc.) or dispose them at the bins near the entrance. Illegal or illegally possessed objects will be seized and disposed of according to the law.

3.7. Access to minors (anyone under the age of 18) is strictly prohibited.


4.1. All participants are considered to have fully read the Rules and Regulations page made available upon ticket purchase.

4.2. Participants can’t bring food, alcohol or other beverages of any kinds within the events grounds.

4.3. Participants, once they enter, are aware that they are fully responsible for their well-being throughout the Events and that their entry is an admittance of being physically and mentally fit to attend. People with physical or mental affections that are at risk of harm in the presence of crowds, loud noise, special effects (video and audio) assume full responsibility by participating. The Organizer hereby states that some performances can include light effects that bring harm to epileptics.

4.4. Access by car within the events grounds is strictly prohibited. The Organizer advises all participants to use public transportation or taxi/ride sharing services to get to the events location.

4.5. The events timetable will be announced by the Organizer in due time. This timetable may be subject to changes either by the will of the Organizer or due to outside reasons. The Organizer is not obliged to give prior notice to participants of any change. The participants are not able to claim reparations for any prejudice brought to them by changes made to the timetable.

4.6. The Organizer informs participants that in case of extreme weather conditions (thunderstorms, windstorms, hail storms) the event’s exit points and adjacent public transportation means can get crowded. The Organizer recommends that all participants remain calm and follow instructions provided by the Organizer staff and public servants in such situations.

4.3 Swimming in Siriu Lake or Bicaz Lake is strictly forbidden.


5.1. All participants must comply with social, legal, and statutory rules lined out in this document. Participants are not allowed to carry out any activities that could endanger or otherwise affect the safety or the rights of other participants. The organizer does not have any liability for any material, physical, or moral damage caused as a result of non-compliance with this SR and is entitled to claim compensation from those culpable of violating the SR.

5.2. Illicit drug consumption and trafficking are strictly prohibited, illegal, and will be punished according to applicable laws. Participants will be escorted outside the events grounds and their wristband will be invalidated if any illegal substances will be found in their possession.

5.3. The Organizer and the Organizer’s partners and accredited press have the right to record and take photographs within the events grounds, during the Events. The Organizer has the right to use and publish these materials on various social media and streaming platforms, and to use them in advertising campaigns without having to compensate in any way the participants included in such photographs and footage.

5.4. Participants have the right to take photographs and film within the events areas they have access to, and are allowed to use the materials ONLY for personal purposes. Participants are allowed to post online videos and photos from the events, only to the extent to which it does not affect the rights of other participants or the rights of the Organizer. The Organizer will require the participant to cease the unauthorized distribution and delete any photo/video content that is in non-compliance with this obligation. The participant has full liability for any moral or material damages generated by such activity. It is strictly forbidden to fly drones over the events area or to install and use professional film equipment.

5.5. It is strictly prohibited for participants to take part in any commercial or advertising activities, as well as to promote any products, services, activities, ideas, cultural or political movements within the events, without prior consent from the Organizer.


6.1. Regarding the lost objects, the Organizer will arrange a special place dedicated to this kind of objects, from where any participant can recover its lost belongings until the end of the events. After the events, the objects can be recovered from one of the Organizer’s working points in Bucharest, that will be announced later.

6.2 Participants must bring all lost items they find within the events grounds to the lost and found office. The rightful owners of the lost items can reclaim them following a standard procedure to identify item and owner. The Organizer will keep lost items for a maximum of 10 days after the Events and will try to return them to the rightful owner.

6.3. All found items need to be handed over to the authorities in 10 days or less from the time they are received, should their rightful owners do not get identified.


7.1. Throughout the events duration specialized medical staff will be on duty in case of medical emergencies.

7.2. Qualified security staff will ensure security during and across the events. All participants must collaborate, respect and comply with security personnel and their instructions in case of emergency.

7.3. Security staff has the right to evacuate outside of the events area all participants that do not respect rules of conduct mentioned above, and that are manifesting violent behavior and endangering others.


8.1. The Organizer guarantees access and service usage throughout the Events to every participant that owns a valid wristband.

8.2 Events dates can be modified unilaterally in case of outstanding circumstances (natural disasters, epidemics, etc.), but will not be changed in case of minor change in weather conditions (normal rainfall, heavy clouds, etc.)

8.3. Neither the Organizer nor the participant are bound to the obligations presented in this set of rules in case of major conflicts such as war, revolts, demonstrations, terrorist attacks, or in case of accidents, fires, calamities, natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, electrical grid major failures, official resolutions from government or local authorities and any other situations that cannot be foreseen or controlled by the Organizer or the participant.

8.4. The Organizer cannot be held accountable for harm or damage occurring inside the events perimeter or by severe meteorological events.

8.5. Once the participant receives the wristband, he is required to verify its integrity, and the Organizer is no longer responsible for its integrity. The participant is not entitled to any claim in case of loss or destruction of the wristband.

8.6. The Organizer is not responsible for actions taking place outside the Events perimeter.

8.7. Participants are fully liable and will be held accountable for any and all damages caused to the Organizer, it’s collaborators and third parties as a result of not complying with legal provisions and the provisions included within this set of rules.


9.1. Protecting the nature is one of the top priorities of the Organizers, continuously supporting and promoting an eco-responible attitude throughout the Events. The Participants are required to respect the instructions received from the members of the organizing team regarding the environment protection.

9.2. Reducing, reusing and recycling are principles after which the Organizers are guiding their activity in organizing these Events and any participant will automatically accept the rules regarding the protection of the environment inside the Events.

9.3. Participants are required to respect and to not destroy any and all elements of the surrounding environment, including events-specific constructions and the flora and fauna within the natural setting of the events.