HolidayMood Trips 2021

Hidden deep in the Romanian Carpathians

Dear explorers,

🌳☀️It’s been some time since we last talked to you. Last year has been rough on all of us and especially on the cultural industry as you all know. The story remains the same, we will gather from the 13th of August to the 16th to dance and experience a holiday together like old times. Gura Siriului will still be the home for our journey, with the amazing view of the lake and mountains it offers. We want to have a nice getaway together, safe and fun for everyone so we’ll stick to the limited capacity from last year. Apart from that, a camping space, dance area, a great line-up, chill zones and many activities will be some of the presents we’ll be preparing for you. We are so thrilled that we can finally have the trip we’ve planned for so long together. Aren’t you?

📌Of course, we have to remember that we’re still in a pandemic and we will have to comply to a set of rules. We’ll organize everything according to the legislation in force at that time. We are still sad for not being able to offer you the promised experience, but luckily this summer we see the real possibility of meeting you once again and regrouping for the same Holiday Mood Trips at Gura Siriului.

🎟Tickets – All tickets bought for the edition planned last summer can be used for the admission of this rescheduled edition. We know that the experience from last year wasn’t a pleasure for anyone and we want you to know that we apologize for that again, but we have now taken measures so a similar situation won’t happen.